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Basic Module
Text Module
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modular® Basic module™
The Basic module is the starting module of the software! The rest modules are bind to this one (View modules outline)! It contains all the basic functionalities that modular has, including on-line help!
By purchasing the Basic module you will get also
more than 3000 resizable embroidery designs ready to be embroidered,
Quick reference card with which you can work faster, smarter and increase productivity in embroidery design creation
guide for installing and Customizing Wings' modular
and Manual in PDF format
The Basic module features are listed below:
  • Open & Save common design formats.
  • Import Floppy
  • Icon Browser for search , manager designs.
  • Design Sequence Viewer
  • Change Color
  • ImageMap
  • Mouse wheel zooming
  • 3D View & Print, Design Info
  • Tidy up short stitches for the entire design
  • Change design Start/End points
  • Design Rotate/Resize with auto density adjustment
  • Design Array
  • Copy Designs and Objects
  • Design Group / Ungroup
  • Simple Stitch Editing
  • Show stitch points and sewing simulations
  • Remove small stitches to improve design quality
  • Show Design Information, Calculate thread usage and machine time.
  • Send email with design.

Working with files:

Load Designs
Save a design in the Hard disk
Save a design in the hard disk with a new name.
Read from machine floppies
Write in machine floppies
Format machine disks
Browser Explorer like
Resent files
Send designs via e-mail
Search option by: Size/Stitches/Dates/Customer/Designer/Keywords etc.
Single and Multi Print
  Supported file formats
    • Wings Systems (“.NGS”)
• Wings 2000 (".mls")
• Tajima (“.dst”, “.dsz”, “.dsb”)
• Sunstar SWF (“.sst”)
• Pfaff (“.ksm”)
• Melco expanded (“.exp”)
• Melco Condensed (“.cnd”)
• APS/DOS (“.stc”, ".pch")
• Compucon (“.xxx”)
  * New file formats are added in Basic module. Those are:
    • Brother/ Baby Lock/ Bernina (.pes)
• Brother/ Baby Lock/ Bernina (.pec)
• Husqvarna (.Hus)
• Husqvarna Viking (.Vip)
• Janome (.Jef)
• Janome (.sew)
• Juki (.M3)
• Happy (.tap)

Viewing tools:

Zoom in
Previous Zoom
Zoom all
Zoom out
Show in actual size and pre-selected scale
Image map
Selection tools (Select all / Select None / Invert selection / Also with mouse)
First Stitch or Object
Previous object
Previous Stitch (fast movement through the stitches by keeping pressed)
Next Stitch (fast movement through the stitches by keeping pressed)
Next object
  Last Object or stitch
    3D Preview of the design
  Show areas covered with stitches
  Show Stitch point
  Show design up to cursor position
    Show information on the selected objects

Editing functions:

Stitch Editor/Viewer
• Move Stitch
• Delete Stitch
• Insert Stitch
Design Information
    • Show Stitches per size / Histogram
    • Time calculation per machine type
    • Actual stitches per machine type
    • Stitches and Yarn length per color
Object Editor
  Auto-density after object resize
Rotate the whole design.
Scale the whole design.
  Special function add/remove in objects
  Tread trip
  Jump stitch
  Frame out
  Slow Speed
  Borer Depth
  Move parts of the design
  Delete parts of the design
  Array Design
  Remove small Stitches
  Recalculate outline designs
  Sequence manager viewer
Color Management
    • Create new colors
    • Edit/Delete colors, except the thread companies color tables.
    • Select colors from thread companies color tables
    • Change colors of design and backdrop
    • Palette creation based on thread companies Color tables
  Move Start point
  Move End point
  Move End point to start.
Cut a part of the design as EMF or BMP format
Copy a part of the design as EMF or BMP format
Undo function
Redo function
  Group/Ungroup options

Connection tools:

Serial connection with Embroidery machines: Tajima - SWF - KSM - PFAFF -  TOYOTA - Happy
Connection with Memory Box
Possibility to create your own Plug-ins for export or import.


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