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DRAWings 8 ® Pro - Automated Commercial Embroidery Software


DRAWings 8 Professional Software is a revolutionary new generation of intelligent and interactive embroidery software. It has new build-in graphic design tools as well as being integrated seamlessly into CorelDRAW® X3, X4,X5,X6 and X7. DRAWings 8 is also capable of both converting vector artwork into embroidery, with premium stitch quality in a matter of seconds, and performing traditional custom manual digitizing!

Being the first in the industry using DRAWstitch Technology to integrate its high quality embroidery stitch engine seamlessly into the graphic software CorelDRAW® since 2005, DRAWings 8 has become an essential corporate embroidery tool in many screen printing businesses, promotional companies and small embroidery operations throughout the world. With its unmatched stability, user friendly interfaces, commercial stitch quality, lightning speed in digitizing from vector artwork and affordable price, DRAWings 8 has been well proven to be the most productive and time saving digitizing software that will bring you the maximum return on your investment in the shortest period of time.


DRAWings 8 ® Pre - Premium Custom Commercial Embroidery Software


DRAWings 8 _ Premium Software is an innovative new generation of Professional Embroidery Software.  It bridges the gap between traditional embroidery software and vector-based graphic design applications. It incorporates a group of key custom editing and digitizing modules into DRAWings 8 Pro. software.  This makes it possible to utilize the powerful editing and digitizing tools to deal with complicated logos with ease in a highly efficient manner.

DRAWings 8 _ Premium Software is designed for Professional Digitizing Houses and Embroidery Companies that demand high productivity while maintaining top quality.



DRAWings 8 ® Ult - Ultimate Custom Commercial Embroidery Software



DRAWings 8 _ Ultimate Software takes the DRAWings 8 Embroidery Software into an Artistic Digitizing Level.  It incorporates a group of key artistic and special effect modules into DRAWings 8 Pre. software. This additional power makes it easy to create specialty logos with unique skin and hair effects, photograph effect and embedded stitch effects etc.

DRAWings 8 _ Ultimate Software is designed for those Digitizing Professionals who demand detail effects, stitch controls and high productivity with their unique services through the ultimate, special digitizing tools. 



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