DRAWings X - Ult
  Ultimate Key Modules:
Artistic Digitizing Module
Style Pattern Creator
Font Creator Module
Small Fonts Template
System Requirement


DRAWings® X Ultimate

- Ultimate Custom Commercial Embroidery Software



DRAWings® X Ultimate Software takes the DRAWings® X Embroidery Software into an Artistic Digitizing Level.  It incorporates a group of key artistic and special effect modules into DRAWings® 8.  This additional power makes it easy to create specialty logos with unique skin and hair effects, photograph effect and embedded stitch effects etc.

DRAWings® X Ultimate Software is designed for those Digitizing Professionals who demand detail effects, stitch controls and high productivity with their unique services through the ultimate, special digitizing tools. 
  DRAWings® X Ultimate software incorporates the following premium key modules:  

Artistic Digitizing Module
Style/Pattern Creator
Font Creator Module
Small Fonts Template



  Key Features in this software level:  
  Special Effects: Vector\Block\Form Fills  
  Wings Embroidery Software has been well known to not only provide our customers with high-end special digitizing tools, but also to do so in a highly-efficient manner. Unlike most other digitizing software in which you will have to go through a painful and complicated steps to create your own unique patterns and styles, vector\block\form fill tools allow you to create those special effects in a matter of minutes. Once again it proves to be the most productive commercial embroidery software on the market.  
  Advanced Wave Stitch and 3-D Effects  
  DRAWings® X Combo Professional allows you to make creative 3-D effects using styles and patterns by combining with the controllable shaping tools. It is much more flexible than any other wave type stitch effect tool. You can also combine with 24 diffident color blending patterns to obtain special 3D effects.  
  Advanced Piping Stitch Effects  
  By combining the gradient and random tools with the piping stitch tool, you will be able to create intricate, artistic hair or similar effects with little efforts.  

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