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DRAWings 4 Embroidery Software NEW Features

NOTE: RAWings® 4 combines the two previous versions of DRAWings software known as "DRAWings X3 Standard and Professional Edition" and reads all ".DRAW" files created from any previous version. It is also added two new modules ( Text and Connect) to allow users create pre-digitized Text and direct connect with most common Embroidery machines. Plus the new exiting improvement listed below.


NEW DRAWings® build-in designer

DRAWings® 4 has now been evolved to include its own built-in designer with tools that help you draw your ideas into 3D embroidery results in real time, while the software interactively regenerates all embroidery parameters!
All designing tools like shapes, node editing, combining, copy/paste, and much more are now incorporated in DRAWings® to provide you a quick and easy-to-use way of designing while you still have the ability to keep using your favorite graphics software.

NEW "Scan To Embroidery" tool

New scan ability that allows you with only a few clicks to scan images and either convert them directly to embroidery or use them as backdrop to manually create the design on top.


NEW build-in Auto tracer with color adjustments

DRAWings® 4 automatically recognizes the type of image (bitmap, vector) you are importing from the starting dialog and loads the Auto-tracer for every bitmap. Set the number of colors you want the embroidery design to have so as to still look close to the starting image and you are ready. Any change you make on the Auto-tracer is automatically previewed to help you improve the traced image on the fly


NEW - Import Stitch files as it is and edit them with new editing tools

Import any supported stitch file inside DRAWings 4, as is, and selectively convert parts/objects of it or the entire embroidery design to editable artwork. You can also leave it unchanged and simply add some text or a complete design directly in the new "Create" tab. Give life to your old designs and enhance your current ones. You will never find yourself again stuck with stitch files you cannot edit simply because you don't have the source stitch file any more.


NEW - Combine stitch files with vector files inside Create tab

Now, you have the ability to have two or more stitch files together with your vector designs inside the new "Create" tab of DRAWings 4. You can edit them, decorate them and produce a new embroidery design from the combination of various different designs. And all of these with a few clicks of the mouse.


NEW- Manually CREATE your designs from scratch directly in the stitch tab with backdrop or not with 3 different DRAW tools

Three fundamental drawing tools (Freehand, Bezier and Outline tool) are now available in the new "Create" tab of DRAWings® which allow you to create designs from scratch or based on an imported backdrop. You can now draw the objects in 3D mode and view how the stitches are applied immediately. Any fine tune or change in the shape can be done directly in the Create tab of DRAWings®. Traditional digitizers can take advantage of this feature and produce exactly the embroidery results they want.


NEW - Complete designing toolset inside Create tab

A complete designing toolset is now available in the Create tab of DRAWings® 4 to enable you to create your designs directly inside it. You can use existing shapes like Circles, Pies Trapeziums, Parallelograms, Stars, Polygons and Rectangles together with the existing transformation tools to create exactly the designs you want to embroider.


NEW - Complete Text toolset inside Create tab that allows you Add text, Add text on path, Edit text and much more.

You can now add Text directly from within the Create tab of DRAWings 4 and edit it by changing its Font type, Font size and Font style. You can even change its shape and size, place text on a path or on any shape you have created.


NEW - Complete editing/transformation abilities directly inside the Create tab

Any transformation you need to do can be made directly inside the Create tab. You can Re-order, Move, Resize, Repeat your transformations, Delete or Add new objects and view the effect of your transformations without having to switch from tab to tab.



NEW - Ability to Align, Distribute and Auto size objects

Object Alignment abilities are available from within the Create tab which allow you to make accurate adjustments to your design. You can also set objects to have equal distances between them by distributing them automatically on the working area. Additionally, you can make sides of objects or entire objects to have the same size with only a single click of the mouse.

NEW - Ability to Resize, Skew, Rotate and Mirror designs inside Create tab

By using the mouse inside the Create tab of DRAWings 4 you can easily Resize, Skew, Rotate and Mirror any object or even entire designs, without having to switch between tabs.  

NEW - Ability to Group, Ungroup, Combine and Break apart

Organize your objects by Grouping and Ungrouping them inside the Create tab to make your designing work easier and more effective. You also have the ability to combine different objects and make them parts of a single object or vice versa, by Breaking Combined objects apart. By Combining Objects you can create holes and new shapes.



NEW - Ability to  Intersect, Weld and Trim objects inside Create tab

Create any shape you can think of inside the Create tab by Welding, Trimming or Intersecting objects with a single click of the mouse. These tools can also help you edit your designs by welding many smaller objects to one larger and remove unnecessary stitches under overlapping objects.

NEW way of managing colors inside Create tab

You can now set/change colors inside the Create tab of DRAWings 4 and make any color adjustments you want. Define your own colors or use any one from the existing thread color palette. 

NEW - 3D vector/embroidery designing abilities

Draw your Vector/Embroidery designs directly in 3D mode inside the new Create tab. DRAWings 4 is one of the few 3D designing software in the world which incorporates the latest technology innovations.

NEW - Copy and Paste inside the Create tab and inside other instances (new frames) of the software

Duplicate the designs you are creating by Copying and Pasting them directly inside the Create tab or other instances (new frames) of DRAWings® 4. You can also use this ability to Paste designs from other designing software and convert them to stitches. Therefore any design from any software can become part of your design within DRAWings 4.

NEW - Complete Hoop designer including the most popular hoops of the market.

A complete list of hoops is now included to help you confirm in advance whether the design you are creating can fit inside a certain hoop that you plan to use. You can also create and use custom hoops based on your machine's accessories.

NEW - Use Guidelines, the Ruler and Grid inside the Create tab for accurate shape transformations and new shape designing

Tools that will make you draw your designs easier are also added in the new Create tab of the software. You can add Guidelines or enable the Grid and the Ruler to help you draw new shapes or make accurate changes to your designs.

NEW - More selection abilities inside the Stitch tab for easier embroidery changes

Select by color, by stitch type and by overlapping order are only a few of the new selection abilities that have been added to help you make multiple changes on the embroidery design you are creating.

NEW - Use the New Symbol library and convert any symbol to perfect embroidery inside the Create tab

Use the Create tab to Insert Symbols that will automatically and easily be converted to embroidery. All Symbols that come with your installed Fonts can be used as clipart and be added to your design through the Insert Symbol function.

NEW - Complete Node/Shape editor inside the Create tab

A complete and powerful Node/Shape editor has been included in the Create tab of DRAWings 4. With the Node editor you can easily reshape any object of your design and view how these changes affect the embroidery, instantly.  

NEW- Embroidery quality enhancements together with a new fabric category.

Embroidery quality has been even further enhanced and a new Fabric category has been added for smoother embroidery results.

NEW 3D Realistic preview with editing abilities

A new 3D engine has been created to allow you to create entire embroidery designs directly in 3D mode.

NEW embroidery file formats supported

NEW - Ability to export your artwork from the Create tab to vector file (svg file)

Any embroidery design that is created inside the Create tab also consists of a vector design artwork that can be individually exported to SVG file format for future use. Therefore, you can separate your artwork from the embroidery design whenever you want.

NEW - DRAWings® 4 makes use of the new Multi-core processors abilities.

Therefore DRAWings 4 offers you faster calculation of the various parameters and almost instant regeneration of your designs.

NEW - Works as a complete stand-alone embroidery designing software.

DRAWings 4 includes a complete built-in designer and can effectively be used as a standalone application, as it includes everything you need to create and edit your embroidery designs. At the same time it allows you to continue working with your favorite graphics design software.

NEW - Intelligent auto-backup system

New auto-backup system re-loads the design you were working on if something goes wrong.

NEW - Completely compatible with Windows® Vista

NEW - Includes the new Wings' modular® 2.50 version (Basic module) with new Copy-Paste abilities.

NEW - 200 vector designs optimized for embroidery are also included in the package.



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