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Node Editing Module
Digitizing Module
Styles-Patterns Module
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Digitizing module™

This module contains all the basic functionality needed for punching! With this module you can create most of the embroidery designs with the appropriate stitch type! Digitizing becomes easier than ever! With some clicks you can design the shapes that will make your final embroidery design! You can release your creativity and produce unique designs!
Feature Outline:
  • Create new designs in Manual, Running, Satin, Fill, Zigzag, Satin Serial, Piping stitches
  • Design section Shrink/Grow, stretch, rotate, slant, using handles  & auto density adjustment
  • Drag/Drop Copy, Copy/Paste
  • Drag/Drop Sewing Re-sequence
  • Merge Designs
  • Create personalized Presets
  •  Insert shape (Circle, box, ellipse, polygon, etc.)
  •  Automatic underlay
  • Stitch parameter editor
  • Outline node editor with bezier curves     
  • Add image backdrops in gif, tif, bmp, pcx, eps, ai, dxf, plt, jpeg,cmx, emf, psd .
  • Compensation for satin, fill, zigzag stitches    
  • Movable entry, exit point of sections
  • Choose/change from full range of underlay             
  • Auto Short/Long stitches 
  • Automatic density adjustment during size changes
  • Advanced hot keys
  • Floating, dockable tool bars
  • Place guideline by drag and drop
  • Adjustable Grid, Crosshair
  • Undo, Redo, Cut Copy Paste Unselect, Select All, Invert selection
  • Redraw
  • Type comments for objects               
  • Select by color, special functions, preset, stitch type
  • Apply functions to multiple blocks at once with one command
  • Repeat   
  • Array (powerful for patch/piece work)
  • Move ,rotate, scale designs from Transform palette

Digitizing Module is built based on the Basic module.

General tools:
  Create a New Design.
    Edit Backdrop properties.
    Add a Bitmap or Vector image in the design as a backdrop.
    Auto-Snap on outline or color changes of the Backdrops.
  Paste in the new or current design the copied objects.
  Change the entry point of the selected object.
  Change the exit point of the selected object.
  Single section digitizing
    Available Stitch types for Text input and parameters for the existing punching objects.
Re-arrangement Tools:   Node Editor:
Place the selected objects to front.  
Delete selected Node.
Place the selected objects to end.  
Insert Node.
Place the selected objects one step forward.  
Move selected Node.
Place the selected objects one step backward.  
Move tangents of the Nodes.
With sequence manager you can change the position of the selected objects.      
Edit the selected Objects
by using mouse:
Transform selected objects
by creating copy or not:
Scale both or one of the co-ordinates (stretch).  
Move selected object with mouse or with specific number input.
Rotate of the selected objects, also by changing the rotation center.  
Rotate selected objects.
Slant of the selected objects, also by changing the slanting center.  
Scale selected objects, proportional or not.
All the above mentioned modifications can be done by creating a copy of the original Object(s) also.  
Mirror the selected objects Horizontal or Vertical.
Array the selected objects.      
Drag and Drop part from one design to an other.      
Available Stitch types and parameters for the existing punching objects:
Satin Stitch type: Step Stitch type:
Underlay types
Fix and Locking stitches
Underlay types
Corners On/Off switch
Fix and Locking stitches
Variable pitch    
Satin serial Stitch type: Zig Zag Stitch type:
Underlay types
Underlay types
Fix and Locking stitches
Fix and Locking stitches
Corners On/Off switch
Corners On/Off switch
Variable pitch
Variable pitch
Running Stitch type: Piping Stitch type:
Fix and Locking stitches.
Fix and Locking stitches
Manual Stitch Type:
Maximum Length.



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